Repair tickets are a useful tool to track customers ESN’s that are left on your store for troubleshooting and repair.


  1. Go to POS > Repair Tickets.
  2. Click on Create New Ticket.
  3. Enter customer name and mobile number. This is optional, although if you are subscribed to our messaging service, if you save the customer email or mobile number they will receive a notification with a link where they can follow the progress or status of the repair ticket.
  4. Enter the serial number/IMEI/ESN of the device to be repaired.
  5. If you did setup a repair category, if you click on the dropdown, you will see all the categories you created. If not, just select custom and type in the issue.
  6. Enter a repair estimate. (optional).
  7. Enter deposit amount (optional).
  8. Assign the repair to a technician then save the ticket. If you give loaner phones, just click the loan a phone button and scan the ESN/IMEI of the phone to be loaned.

Last Update: June 17, 2017  

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