Our system has a very powerful and robust employee commission feature that accommodates different ways of rewarding your sales rep for a job well done.

1. Go to Administration > HR > Employee Commission. You can now either edit or create a new commission profile.

2. Select the category for which you are paying commission to employees. Overall, all sales in Wireless Manager are categorized as:

  • Accessories – Items for which Inventory is tracked
  • Service Items – Items for which Inventory is not tracked
  • Serialized Items without Activation – Phones sold outright
  • Serialized Items with Activation – Phones sold with Plan
  • Payment Category – Bill payment related transactions
  • Activation Plans – Additional commission paid on Plans Activated
  • Boost Monthly Topup – For Boost Mobile carriers who accepts monthly auto topup
  • Plan Activation Fee – If you add activation fees when processing activation

3. For each category, you can choose ANY of the following 4 ways to pay commission

  • Flat Amount
  • Percentage of Profit Generated
  • Percentage of Sales Revenue
  • Points awarded
  • Per units sold

Additionally, phones sold with Activation can be setup to be paid individually by SKU and plans sold with activation can be setup to be paid individually by Plan OR Plan-Type

Quota – you can also setup a minimum threshold for commission category. If that threshold is not reached, then no commission is paid for the month.

Last Update: June 27, 2017  

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